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LASS are a duo of alternative pop multi-instrumentalists from Wigan, UK, formed of sisters Joy and Grace Moore. Naming the band as a nod to their Northern roots they officially started LASS in May 2021 after years of a shared passion and months of collaboration on different musical projects. When it comes to crafting songs, the chemistry at work between the two is the bedrock of LASS’ uniqueness and ability to create universal songs that win people over towards unity. 


The Northern duo are a powerful representation of 21st century womanhood.


Brought up in a small town next to the city, LASS developed musical skills from an early age and delved into the universe of songwriting to talk about what they didn’t hear communicated in pop music growing up. The influence of their involvement in church - experiencing the beauty of music with a group of people - also anchored their conviction of the power of songs to bring people together. Initially pursuing their own careers in music, the sisters’ time at Leeds Conservatoire gave them a taste of collaboration, joining forces to finish Joy’s degree at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. After that, LASS started writing prolifically; from feel-good pop melodies to nostalgic folk navigating deeper topics, achieving relatability and catchiness each time. The soul connection beyond their creative synergy quickly became exciting for the duo.


Family is no small thing though, and it takes a special kind of dedication to operate artistically and productively within the bounds of sisterhood. Yet, LASS are embracing meaningful togetherness and turning frustrations into inspiration for their music. “Writing together is a fluid process, it’s so different to working with anybody else,” says Grace, “brutal honesty speeds up the process,” she jokes. Joy jumps in to add that “songwriting is inter-weaved with our lives... we are closer than we’ve ever been and more aware of each other’s feelings.” And seeing how far they have come since mid-2021, it’s no wonder that being each other’s sounding board has benefited LASS’ creative process in the best way! But it’s also the sisters’ differences that make LASS successfully compatible, with one bringing the diligence of a technical mind and the other charismatic enthusiasm. 


Musically, LASS are exploring the sphere of female-led indie pop, with influences like HAIM and Sigrid. Lyrically, the duo seeks to unpack their own journey and ground abstract ideas that they come across in everyday life. The benefit of “popping into each other’s bedroom to spin thoughts around,” as they say, is the organic feel that marks their music. LASS thrive on storytelling and find inspiration in the narrative focused music of artists such as Lorde and Maggie Rogers. 


Painting pictures with their words and worlds with their melodies, they take their listeners on journeys that explore deep emotions and light-hearted playfulness alike. With harmonies that intertwine, the sisters have sealed storytelling into the fibres of their songs by allowing their voices to echo each other as if in a conversation. Sonically, they adorn their indie sound with a country resonance, giving it an earthy edge that adds to LASS’ magnetism. This eclectic mix makes up the band’s signature folksy pop with a bit of Northern grit as they effortlessly add lush vocals and harmonies to the soundscape 


LASS are dedicated singer-songwriters who are compellingly carving a path for their sound. Sisters Joy and Grace embody the authenticity of homegrown creativity with a dash of girl power and prove that healthy friction makes promising sparks. 


This is only the beginning for LASS...

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